Earn the $130 HWC in 2018

Your quest for better health starts here!

Crown has partnered with Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness to offer a more comprehensive experience to improving your health and well-being. ALL full-time employees have an opportunity to earn the annual 2018 HealthWise Credit (HWC) of $130 ($5 per pay), just by participating!

The program is voluntary, completely confidential, and at no cost to you.

To earn the 2018 HWC, you will need to:

  • Complete the online health questionnaire by 1/13/2018.
  • Complete a wellness screening by 1/13/2018.

Click HERE to view the FAQ’s.

Click HERE to view the remaining onsite wellness screening events.

Click HERE to view a demo of  the online report participants receive after the questionnaire and wellness screening are completed.

Check out the short videos below that show the importance of participating in a wellness screening, especially if you don’t know or understand your numbers.