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The SEPTEMBER Smart Moves Toolkit Dashboard provides helpful tools for improved well-being. Features include new articles, downloads, a Nutrition Facts calculator and full calorie breakdown, healthful recipes, exercise tutorials, screening and immunization guides, just-for-kids activity sheets, and more.

  • SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER 2020 (pdf))  
    Keep Your Wits About You – Fall for These Autumn Favorites – Q&A: What is herd immunity? – Childhood Obesity – Food Safety Dates Explained – Act Now: Health Cholesterol
    Featured Recipe: Roasted Almond Vegetables
  • JUNE 2020 NEWSLETTER (pdf)
    Exercise – Coping With COVID-19 – Produce 3 Ways – The ABC’s of DE (Device Ergonomics) – Q&A: Relief for burnout? – Mobility and Exercise – Top Reasons for Health Care Visists
    Featured Recipe: Summer Corn Salad
  • MARCH 2020 NEWSLETTER (pdf)
    Exercise – Get More Outdoors – Cooking $MART – Tip of the Month: Whole Foods for Whole Health – How’s Your Mental Health? – Adjusting to Daylight Saving Time – Q&A: Colon cancer screening? – In the Know: Blood Donation – Safety Corner: Prevent Poison Absorption
    Featured Recipe: Peanut Butter Granola Bars
    Don’t Let Your Health Take a Holiday – 5 Cooking Tips You May Not Know – Why Are You So Tired? – Winterize Your Exercise – Q&A: Vitamin D test Lost in the City – Pain Relief: Drug-Free Strategies
    Featured Recipe: Simple Holiday Shrimp Bake