Move It to Lose It Team Challenge

“Move It to Lose It” Team Challenge

Challenge Begins: March 4, 2018.  Challenge Ends: April 28, 2018.


 Goal:  Teams will “Move It” by accumulating exercise minutes and “Lose It” by dropping a few pounds in this 8-week challenge.

  • Challenge open to all Crown employees
  • Weekly messages to help keep you on track
  • Team progress updated weekly


  • RECRUIT. Form a team with up to 5 employees. Designate one person as the captain.
  • REGISTER. Gather your team’s starting weight and register your team.
    Click HERE to register online
    Click HERE to a print paper registration form and return to HealthWise
  • COMMIT. Starting March 4, commit to making healthy food/snack/drink choices throughout the day and exercise at least 20 minutes* (or 2 -10 minutes sessions) a day. *To count as minutes, you can perform any type of exercise that is sustained for at least 10 consecutive minutes. Examples include walking, running, swimming, biking, fitness class, yoga, strength training, flexibility training, etc.
  • REPORT. Captains will report team weight and exercise minutes weekly to HealthWise.
    Click HERE to report weekly progress
    Click HERE to a download and print paper tracking form and return to HealthWise
  • SUPPORT. Team progress listing percentage (%) of weight loss (no individual or team weight will be posted) and exercise minutes will be posted weekly.
  • MOVE TO LOSE AND GAIN 10 REWARD. Teams that achieve at least a 5% weight loss and accumulate at least 1,200 minutes per team member of exercise, will receive a $10 Subway card for each team member.

Let’s work together and “Move It to Lose It” during this 8-week challenge!