Grand Health Challenge Winners!

Grand Health Challenge Winners!

Grand Lake Health System in St. Marys OH held its annual Grand Health Challenge. The program runs from January through May and challenges the community to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Participants learn how dietary changes and a bit more exercise can help jump start weight loss. In addition, to help teams stay committed and motivated, Grand Lake Health Systems offered $1,000 to the team that lost the biggest percentage of weight.

You might remember the team Howe 2 Kill Fat if you participated in or followed Crown’s Healthy Weight, Healthy Heart Challenge this year. Howe 2 Kill Fat was at the top of the standings board with a 16.6% team weight loss over a 10-week period.  Chris Howe and Kevin Howe and Mike Kill work in the Crown Flight Ops Department.

That same team, Howe 2 Kill Fat, took home the grand prize of $1,000!   

8 weeks after our Crown Challenge ended, Howe 2 Kill Fat lost an additional 11.2%, putting them at the top of the Grand Health Challenge with a 27.8% team weight loss.

So, what’s their secret?

  • Chris said it all came down to holding one another accountable. No snacks at work and lots of water.
  • Mike struggled with a couple of weight loss plateaus. So he traded in his treadmill for the “Insanity” workout. Mike stuck with it and sixty pounds later, gets a cut of the Grand Prize!
  • Kevin said he cut out sodas, pizza, and snacks that once was a staple in his diet. Kevin realized he had to stay busy to keep his mind off food. He turned his focus to his kids and found more reward being active with his kids than any bag of chips could ever give him.

Finding support, staying committed, and being dedicated to better health will now help you maintain your feat!  Great job guys!


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