Growing Gratitude

Growing Gratitude

Research shows that people who regularly feel and express gratitude tend to be more optimistic and satisfied in life, have stronger social connections, and sleep better. Gratitude helps us grow emotionally which helps us build resiliency to bounce back from difficult times.

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation or thanks for the good things in life. It isn’t always possible to change the circumstances, but we can change where to focus your mind and heart.

Try these tips to help cultivate gratitude:

  • Make a habit of writing down things you’re grateful for each day.
  • Write to someone. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life. Send it when you are ready.
  • Focus on the positive. Give yourself the time to enjoy positive emotions and experiences as they happen.
  • Give to those in need. Offering time, energy, and/or financial help are great ways to increase gratitude in your life.
  • Make a visit. Tell someone you are grateful for them in person.

Gratitude can go a long way. Make gratitude a daily practice each and every day to increase your happiness and well-being.

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