HealthWise Credit FAQ’s

Who is eligible to earn the 2018 HealthWise Credit (HWC)?
All fulltime Crown employees are eligible to earn the 2018 HWC.

How much is the 2018 HealthWise Credit?
The HWC is an annual amount of $130. If program requirements are met by 11/13/2018, an amount of $5 will be added each pay period.

What are the requirements to earn the 2018 HWC?
To earn the HWC in 2018, employees must complete the online health questionnaire and a wellness screening before 1/13/2018. If the requirements are met, an amount of $5.00 will be added each pay.

Do I need to be enrolled in a Crown Health Plan to earn the 2018 HWC?
No. As long as you complete the questionnaire and a wellness screening by 1/13/2018, you will earn the 2018 HWC.

What if I complete the requirements before January 13, 2018, but not in time to earn the $5.00 HWC in the first pay period of 2018?
If the requirements are met by 1/13/2018, any week(s) missed of the $5.00 HWC will be added in the next pay period.

Can my spouse participate?
Spouses enrolled in a Crown Health Plan may participate in the health questionnaire and wellness screening. However, there is no additional HealthWise Credit applied for spouse participation.

If I am earning the 2017 HWC, will I continue earning the HWC in 2018?
To continue earning the HWC in 2018 you must complete the requirements listed above by 1/13/2018.

How much does it cost?
The wellness screening and questionnaire is a voluntary program and at no cost to you.  Crown Equipment Corporation pays the full cost.

I am concerned about confidentiality.  How do I know that my personal information will not be shared with Crown?
Your privacy is important to Crown, and Crown has in place an official Privacy Policy for your protection.  Crown Equipment Corporation receives only total combined data on the entire group – which is used to determine what health education or other new programs might best fit the needs of Crown employees.  Crown will not receive information on your individual test results or personal health information.

Will my employment status or eligibility for benefits be affected by my health status?
No, health risks or medical conditions have no bearing on your employment status or eligibility for benefits.

What is the Wellness Screening?
The wellness screening consists of a blood draw for a cholesterol profile and fasting blood glucose and is designed to help identify current and future risks for heart disease and diabetes. The results of the screening are completely confidential.

How do I complete the wellness screening?
Wellness screening will be held onsite at many locations. Crown partners with Quest Diagnostics. If your location is not having an onsite screening or you prefer to go at your convenience, you may visit a local patient service center. Go to and click on ‘Your Screening’, to view screening options. Please read the descriptions of screening options to completely understand what you need to do.

If I am traveling to another Crown location on a day they are holding a wellness screening event, can I attend the event at that location?
Yes. Crown employees may attend any event at any location that best fits their schedule.

I completed a wellness exam with my doctor or at my spouse’s employment this year. Can I use those results?
If you are willing to share the results with HealthWise, that exam may meet the wellness screening requirement. The wellness exam must include a blood pressure check and blood draw for a lipid panel and glucose. You may fax your results to 419-629-2317 or email to If you have any questions, contact HealthWise at 419-629-6330.

What is the Health Questionnaire?
The health questionnaire is an online confidential questionnaire about your general health and habits administered by the Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness. The simple questions gather information about general health measure and lifestyle behaviors to determine your individual health status and provide you with valuable information about your health.  The link to the questionnaire is located at

What if I don’t have access to a computer?
Contact HealthWise. We can help find a computer for you to use.

Will I receive a copy of my screening results?
You will receive an email notification from Quest Diagnostics when your personalized MyHealth Profile is ready to view. Both the questionnaire and screening need to be completed before your will receive an email notification. You will also receive the 16-page report at your home address.  Also, it is important to share your lab results with your primary care provider. 

I consider myself a healthy person, so why would I want to participate?
Many health conditions like certain forms of Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes, for example, can be avoided by being informed and making healthy choices today.  Also, early diagnosis and treatment can minimize the effects of serious illnesses and diseases. Also by participating, you may earn the 2018 HWC.

Does Crown have other resources available that may help improve my health and well-being?
Yes. Visit to view the tools and resources available to help you and your family.  Also, check out the wellness tools and resources available through your health plan provider.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you should have any questions, contact the Crown HealthWise Department.
Phone: 419-629-6330       Email:       Fax: 419-629-2317