Preventive Health

Preventive Health

When it comes to one’s health, individuals typically are reactive instead of proactive which can lead to negative outcomes – undiagnosed medical conditions, increased medical costs, and untreated health risks. The single biggest action one can do is to take ownership of their health by participating in preventive health screenings. This participation will equip you and your medical providers with the knowledge to better understand your health and develop a plan for a better you.

Why participate in preventive screenings?
By participating in preventive care, individuals detect medical conditions early, lower their health risks, and develop a plan to help keep a potential issue under control.

What screenings should I participate in?
There are a wide range of screening guidelines based on gender, age, and health history. Consult with your doctor to develop a strategy tailored to your unique needs.

Did you know many preventive screenings are covered at 100%?
If you are enrolled in a medical insurance plan offered through Crown and are unsure if a preventive screening is covered in full, please reach out to your insurance provider:

Pharmacy: 1-833-226-1106
Group#: 212042

Kaiser Permanente
CA: 1-800-464-4000
CO: 1-303-338-3800 or
GA: 1-404-261-2590
1-888-865-5813 (Atlanta Area)

Policy Numbers:
No. CA: 605947
So. CA: 233961
CO: 35971
GA: 10400

Kickstart 2023 by having a discussion with your doctor on what preventive screenings could be beneficial for you!

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