Improve Your Eating Habits

Improve Your Eating Habits

Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating early in the day fuels your body allowing you to have the energy for the day ahead.

Manage portion sizes. Fill half of your plate with vegetables, one quarter of your plate with whole grains, and one quarter of your plate with lean meat.

Eat regularly. Just like your car, your body needs refueling to properly function. Eat at least three meals spaced throughout the day.

Add fresh fruit. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a low-calorie, high-fiber snack of fresh fruit. Fruit is also loaded with vitamins and minerals to support your immune system.

Make the water switch. Substitute soda, juice, sweet tea, and energy drinks for what your body really needs – water.

Skip the drive-thru and delivery. While it is easy and convenient to order food to-go, most fast food is high in fat, sugar, and sodium.

Eat more vegetables. Adding vegetables will help you feel full longer as well as give you a nutritious boost of vitamins and minerals. Fresh and frozen veggies are both equally nutritious.

Don’t forget the beans and peas. Beans and peas are high in fiber and loaded with essential nutrients including magnesium, which helps support immune function.

Chunk the junk food. These foods add extra calories with very little nutrition in return. Enjoy these snacks as treats for special occasions.

March is National Nutrition Month. Visit for more healthy eating tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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